“I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the services provided by Brian Patten and associates, LLC (BPA). For the past few years BPA has assisted our Acrisure Partners with numerous services including quoting, selling, enrolling and servicing a number of our larger benefit clients. They have been a reliable partner in giving us consistent, prompt delivery and service and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in critical situations.

I have worked with BPA as both as an executive vice president at a carrier and now as broker and can attest from both sides of the equation that they are a high caliber enrollment firm. One of the first cases that we utilized BPA at Acrisure was a complex case with three shifts, multiple locations in multiple states. BPA was able to help our producer sell the client on expanding their benefit offering to include Voluntary Benefits. BPA was able to engage most of the employees face to face in every location, enroll the core and voluntary benefits, and provided back up with a call center. The enrollment was very successful and our client was thrilled. We are now finishing the third year of the enrollment without any setback in service. Working with BPA has been a key driver of our organic growth through expanding our client’s employee benefit programs without increasing cost.
I would strongly encourage you to consider BPA for your employee communication and enrollment needs. They are our first choice when it comes to employee engagement and have consistently delivered. I am happy to discuss our experience with anyone who is looking to grow their revenue utilizing BPA.”

Tye Elliott

Executive Vice President, Voluntary Benefits Acrisure, LLC