Open enrollment is approaching, and BPA has the resources your clients need to stay safe and efficient during this time. During the current public health crisis, ensuring employees understand their benefits and are confident in their coverages is more important than ever before. Thanks to BPA and its online enrollment platform (which includes a full-service call center), employees can now be provided with expert information and additional resources to assist in understanding their plans. Our dedicated customer service center and TPA setup allow BPA to provide incredible value to our clients both during the enrollment process and after.

To the 66% of employers who manage their employees’ benefits, BPA provides additional support services on top of our already simple and effective online enrollment platform. BPA’s online enrollment process guides employees step-by-step and indicates exactly what information is required of them. Our state-of-the-art call center assists employees with navigating benefit platforms, providing data analytics and call tracking based on the consultant or client’s needs, and more.

Full-Service Call Center & Online Support for Open Benefits Enrollment, HR Assistance, & New Hire Insight

BPA’s Benefits Enrollment Call Center provides advanced employee engagement, assists with enrollments, and supports employees by providing additional resources as needed. Our team delivers an efficient and personalized experience while assisting with open enrollment, new hires, HR support, and more.

BPA’s call-center replicates our on-site solutions and is staffed with licensed professionals who can communicate plans, answer questions, and complete open enrollments online, with the capabilities to support any technology system or entire employee populations (as well as those who simply need help with the enrollment process). As an extension of our open enrollment process, BPA’s call center helps companies who are in the new hiring process by educating the new hires about the company’s benefits and assisting them in completing the enrollment process.

BPA’s Call Center Capabilities for HR Outsourcing & New Hire Support

BPA has expanded its services to become a one-stop-shop for companies that need open enrollment support, TPA assistance, and more. In addition to offering online enrollment, we provide HR assistance with day-to-day administrative tasks such as payroll, reporting, and more. Additionally, BPA’s call center support services often include (but are not limited to):

  • Customizable IVR with 24-hour access
  • Year-round support for the employees regarding any benefit questions (i.e. deductibles & networks)
  • Helping employees enroll for benefits through any enrollment platform
  • Bi-lingual services (English & Spanish)
  • Dedicated account executive as a single point of contact for the “Client” management team
  • 250+ supported languages with the call center interpreter partner
  • Scheduled video calls for ASL
  • Support for new hires, change of status, and rehires (when eligible)
  • Changes/Cancellations
  • Licensed and full-time benefit counselors
  • Customized call center hours based on the client’s needs
  • Calls recording for quality assurance using our voice signature technology

Let’s face it: technology is here to stay. Harness the experience, expertise, and infrastructure of BPA today to protect your clients from having to postpone their enrollment opportunities tomorrow. By working with BPA, you can ease the online transition of your open enrollment process, HR administration services, and benefits enrollment services, as well as provide your employees with additional help that you need and they deserve.

Three Reasons to Work with a Third-Party Online Open Enrollment & HR Support Firm

1. Benefits Enrollment Companies Can Increase HR Efficiency

Approximately 80% of the internal HR department’s time is spent on administrative tasks such as onboarding, billing, and payroll. With the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals expanding daily, efficiency is becoming increasingly important. By cutting out paper, moving to a digital platform, and having a third-party provide these administrative tasks, the time spent on HR for the open enrollment process is dramatically decreased. BPA’s state-of-the-art call center capabilities are at our client’s disposal. Each client receives their own dedicated 1-800 number, which is used to assist HR departments in obtaining analytics reports for record-keeping purposes, auditing, and pulling meaningful data insights to share with your leadership team. In addition to helping HR departments, BPA’s call center service also helps employees reset passwords and answer any additional questions they may have when filling out online open enrollment forms. Forget about losing forms or missing information; BPA’s automated process not only saves time, but it ensures the information that is being provided to the insurance carriers is safely secured on a protected platform.

2. Benefits Enrollment Companies will Save You Time & Money

Using a TPA for your online open enrollment services allow employees to see exactly what plans are being offered and select the plan that makes the most sense to them. At BPA, we’ve seen that educating employees on their insurance options actually pays off. Our company can show businesses that their current employee benefit plans are causing more harm than good. After educating a company’s workforce, employees are realizing that choosing a cheaper policy gives them everything they need while reducing overall expenses. This realization can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars alone.

3. Benefits Enrollment Companies can Tailor to their Employees

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the workforce; 50% to be exact. This generation grew up with technology, apps, and innovative platforms. They are accustomed to information and services being readily available at their fingertips, often including their employee benefits. It’s not just millennials who prefer the online benefits experience; as times continue to change, the world around us becomes more familiar with technology with the singular goal of making our lives more efficient. Why not make your business more efficient too?

By working with an open enrollment firm that provides online enrollment and additional call center services, businesses can grant employees the ability to select benefits on their own time and in the way they are most comfortable, not unlike online shopping. Working in a society that is used to the Amazon experience, BPA now provides benefit enrollment for companies at the click of a button.

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