“The University Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is an integrated global health delivery and finance system, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with over 80,000 employees. UPMC operates an array of non-profit and for-profit businesses, including more than 40 academic, community, and specialty hospitals and 400 outpatient sites around the world and a health insurance plan with over 2 million members. UPMC employs more than 3,200 physicians and offers an array of rehabilitation, senior living long-term care, and urgent care facilities.

Thirteen years ago, UPMC partnered with BPA to help provide enrollment and benefit education to our employees. Their services include assisting employees with their core and voluntary benefit elections during the annual open enrollment period as well as elections for new employees. What has been especially helpful is their ability to assist our newly hired employees with the on-boarding process during orientation and help them enroll in their benefits in the necessary time frame. Like many employers, we use a variety of carriers and TPAs to provide our employees with a comprehensive and affordable benefit package and BPA has been very supportive of our decisions and helped to ensure our success when introducing new benefits as well as ongoing enrollments.

In short, BPA is a very important benefits partner to UPMC. Offering competitive benefits is one thing; having the resources to educate and meet with employees face-to-face has helped increase the understanding and value of our benefits package for our employees”

John A. Wentz

Director, HR Special Projects for UPMC