“I am writing this letter to you as a recommendation for the services provided by Brian Patten and Associates, LLC (BPA). For the past few years, I have worked hand in hand with BPA to assist us with numerous services including enrollment and on-board with ADP. At no one time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us. My first engagement with BPA was on the account Regency. The company brought along good expertise that involved the on-boarding of the employees into the ADP system. The feedback and results were phenomenon compared to our previous enrollment solution. It is through the use of their services that I have been able to transform our companies benefits and enrollments. I would like you to consider BPA for your enrollment needs. I have had a good experience with them over the past few years for the services they have rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend their services.”

Larry Deering

CEO, Regency Health Services