The “Apple Approach” to Benefits

For senior HR staff, CFOs, and CEOs, one of the most significant challenges to providing employee benefits is ensuring that employees understand their benefits and that they are utilizing their benefits to make the best choices for their health. So what’s the solution? Could it be a robust benefits enrollment platform? Technology has transformed the marketplace for benefit enrollment companies, and where 15 years ago, only large companies were utilizing technology in benefits administration, today, even small companies are supported by technology.  As the use of benefits administration systems has grown, companies have begun to realize that even the most robust software doesn’t guarantee employee engagement. 

At BPA, we describe our process as “The Apple Approach to Benefits” because we understand the need for a great employee experience, and not just a great hardware and benefits enrollment software. Does Apple have the best phones and computers? Maybe, or maybe not. The key to Apple’s success is pairing fantastic hardware with great customer service and experiences. We apply this concept to health benefits by pairing our cutting edge Ben Admin platform with great customer service and communication of benefits to employees. We understand that our role entails providing management with the best choices for their company, and at the same time ensuring that employees understand the investment that their company is making on their behalf. We provide one-on-one education to help employees make the best choices for their health and their family’s health.

Our Enrollment Firm’s Collaboration with Insurance Brokers and Consultants

Many companies engage an insurance consultant or broker to develop a benefits strategy. The consultant spends significant time and effort in understanding the business, their budget, desired spend, and best spend for the end result. The consultant specializes in helping business owners or management navigate the complex world of health benefits and making decisions about what to offer. Consultants are unable, however, to take the same one-on-one approach with 100 or more employees. Employee communication and training are imperative to executing a successful initial benefits enrollment, and then to continue that education through the lifetime of that employee. At BPA, we work with national insurance companies and brokers to supplement their role in the execution of the strategies they’ve developed, and the communication of that strategy to employees. While technology is increasing, companies are realizing that it is impossible to replace one-on-one employee support and human contact. At BPA, we utilize benefits counselors and our dedicated benefits call center to supply needed employee communications.  

As a top tier benefit enrollment company, we know that our 2000-plus clients value our industry-leading expertise, as well as our comprehensive solutions to benefit enrollment. We normally work with companies that have more than 100 employees, and we can respond quickly to batch hires. Our management team has over 155 years of combined benefit enrollment experience, and we provide highly experienced field consultants that can provide support, employee counseling, and consulting at your location. In addition to working with companies for enrollment, we work with national insurance companies, consultants, and brokers to implement the strategies they have developed and communicate those strategies to employees.  

The Most Important Offerings of a Benefits Enrollment Firm Include:

Comprehensive Benefit Communication

With an employee communication ratio over 95%, we realize that providing employees with an understanding of their benefits package is vital to enhancing employee satisfaction, and to reducing HR workload.

Providing a Variety of Communication Options to Suit Individual Needs

BPA has the ability to provide enrollment solutions in a web-based format, by phone, or by paper. We also provide bilingual services, and a state-of-the-art call center to answer questions and provide enrollment support.  

Benefits Enrollment for a Wide Variety of Healthcare, Dental, Vision, and Other Plans

Over the past five years, healthcare insurance has increased exponentially. According to iHealthAgents, a family of four is predicted to pay about $24,000 for health insurance in 2019 if they pay their entire deductible. With employees looking for a simple solution to lowering their deductible while still fulfilling their healthcare needs, BPA provides the help companies need in order to obtain and retain employees. BPA can assist with the employee benefit plan design, then provide your organization with a custom enrollment solution based on the benefits plan.  

Providing Ongoing Support to Your HR Staff and Your Employees

From plan setup to new hire orientation, and on-going support through our call center and benefits administration system, we have the ability to handle all aspects of healthcare benefits for your organization.  

Access to a Robust Ben Admin System

A benefits administration system simplifies the process of benefits administration providing a multitude of resources in one place.  This system can process all life, employment, new hire, and annual enrollment events. The ben admin system also allows employees to view statements and plan descriptions, communicates health and wellness programs, and distributes corporate messages – all available from a mobile device.  

Billing and Reconciliation Services

For all plans – group, individual, or voluntary – our billing and reconciliation services help stop premium leakage and ensure correct balances and payments. We provide audits of carrier invoices, premium remittance, and payment with reporting, and other services.  

Hiring an Experienced and Trusted Healthcare Benefit Enrollment Firm Allows You to Focus on Your Business

Our clients save time and month with our benefits enrollment and benefits consulting services.  Whether your organization needs support in a few areas or needs a fully outsourced solution, BPA promises to exceed your expectations, while making the whole process of benefits administration simple and easy to understand for your HR staff and employees.